How to Make a Gift...

There are many opportunities for making a gift to Bethany. Bethany Lutheran Home gratefully accepts gifts in various forms including those listed. For more information please contact Diane Carlon at 712-329-5451 or your financial advisor.


  • The most common method to make a charitable gift is to contribute cash. Donations to qualified charities, such as Bethany Lutheran Home, could cost you much less whenyou file your taxes. For example, if you make a $2,500 gift before December 31st, and you are in the 28% marginal tax bracket, you will save $700 in taxes.

Mutual Funds/Stock

  • Making a gift of appreciated stock is one of the most advantageous forms of giving. For example, if you donate stock that you purchased for $2,000 or more 12 months ago, and it is now worth $10,000, you get a deduction for the full $10,000 and a tax savings of $2,800 (28% marginal tax bracket). In addition, you have avoided the capital gains tax on the appreciation of the stock. the capital gains savings at a combined 20% rate is $1,600. Your total savings is $4,400. You should also note, these benefits do not take into account the reduction in state taxes.

Real Estate

  • Gifts of appreciated real estate are similar to gifts of appreciated stock. If you have owned the real estate for more than 12 months, you will avoid all capital gains and may deduct the fair market value of the real estate.

Planned Gifts

  • Planned gifts take many forms and are one of the most common ways to fund endowments. Examples of planned gifts include designating Bethany Lutheran Home in your will, forming a charitable trust or purchasing a gift annuity. Charitable trusts offer significant tax savings while providing an annual income to you and your family. Trusts are funded with an asset, such as appreciated property or securities, and are designed to provide you income for the remainder of your life. At the end of your life, Bethany Lutheran Home will receive the remaining funds in the trust. Gift annuities provide you with a lifetime income as well. The annual return on your gift varies from 6.9% to 12% depending on your age. You also receive a tax deduction and a tax free return of principle.

Life Insurance

  • You may want to donate to Bethany Lutheran Home by making it the owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy. If you are finished paying for the policy, your gift is the replacement value or cost basis of the policy, whichever is less. You may also donate a new policy or a policy on which you are still making payments. The premiums on a contributed policy are deductible. Gifts of life insurance are a wonderful method to make sizable contributions to Bethany Lutheran Home's Benevolent Care Endowment.

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